Security Bug Reporting Center

Report security related bugs and get a reward from us

10112 USDT    |    has been given to reporters

Please email us at or submit a ticket.

You can choose to submit a vulnerability report to Hackenproof


As one of the oldest and largest exchange by volume in the world of crypto currency, emphasizes security and always places users’blockchain asset safety the first place. We have been investing heavily in methods both centralized and decentralized (Gatechain security solution) to protect our users funds. is also known as the first and unique exchange that provides millions of dollars “safety and legality fund” to protect users. To leverage the power of the whole security community, and encourage the top notch experts to help enhance security system to its utmost , we have rolled out this “ Bug and Security Suggestions Bounty” program. We offer a reward for any who help make more secure by offering us safety suggestion and bug analysis.

Bug Categories and Rewards

We promise: when your bug report is received, we will arrange our security expert to view it and evaluate it immediately. The first reporter for the unknown bug will get a reward from us.

  • Serious

    e.g : direct accesses to system privilege or core business, with potential significant damage.

    bounty 3000-5000 USDT
  • High Risk

    e.g: unauthorized access, severe SQL injection, high-risky info leakage.

    bounty 900-2000 USDT
  • Medium Risk

    e.g: affecting the use and access of a portion of our users, modifying user information, etc

    bounty 300-500 USDT
  • Low Risk

    eg: text message bomb, non-sensitive information leakage,etc

    bounty 50-150 USDT